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Kerry Norris

$352 of AUD $600 target.

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Kerry Norris


In loving memory of someone very special, my son Harrison Norris. 
It has been 6 years since I have been able to hold my precious baby boy, 6 years of milestones we have not been able to celebrate and 6 years of memories that we have not been able to make.
This year Harrison should be starting School, we should have been shopping for a new school bag, picking a lunch box, trying on his school uniform which would have been hanging off him just to allow him room to grow into it.
6 years ago, we had to say our final goodbyes to our son after he died suddenly, no reason or answers have ever been found. We done everything right!
As time has gone on, we have found people stop talking about our son, they no longer even say his name. Our worst nightmare is that our precious baby boy will be forgotten!
We are asking our family and friends to please remember Harrison with us this year by making a $6 tax deductible donation to Walk With Wings.
When Harrison died, we had no idea what to do, we were lost. We were no longer the people we once were. Going to the shops, I would cry. Leaving the house was heart breaking. Getting the kids out the car, then out of habit going to his seat to get him out, only to realise he was no longer there was a devastating reminder that our baby boy was no longer there.
We had to do something! Waking up and not being able to cuddle or kiss him, never having the chance to hear him say “I love you Mummy” Never… And the thought that I would never get to cherish him fighting with his siblings or kissing a sore knee better. Yes, I long for the frustrating moments of parenting too.
So, we started Walk With Wings as our way to do something to keep our sons memory alive, to be there to support other families who are also going through a journey similar to our own. It will never bring back our baby boy, it will never stop us from missing him. But it gives us a chance to help support other families, tell his story and knowing that our son has so many dearly loved and missed friends with him too provides some kind of comfort in the most heartbreaking way.
Harrison will forever be 8 weeks and 5 days old, he will always be the reason we do what we do. We often get asked how we keep going or people say they would never be able to go through the death of a child… We were never given a choice. If we did, we never ever would have chosen this. I would take the sleepless nights to sooth a baby over the sleepless nights crying for my baby.
Because our son ‘was’, we will… We will keep living each and every day to make a difference in someone else’s lives, to give them comfort, to make sure they do not feel they are walking this path alone, to remind them that we will always remember their baby too.
You can help us to continue to do this and you can help us keep our sons’ memory alive too by making a $6 donation. Each $1 represents 1 year that we have had to live each day without our precious baby boy in our arms.
Thank you for remembering Harrison with us.
All our love,
Kerry and James Norris
Co-founders of Walk With Wings
Please take a moment to read Harri's Story <3

On 6 November 2012 at 6.30am Harrison Robert Ray Norris surprised his Mummy that he was ready and it was time to go to the hospital. Once Kerry and James arrived they were told it was "too late to stop your labour, your baby is breech and we need to take you to a theater for an emergency cesarean now. We will be delivering your baby today!".


Harri was born via emergency cesarean at 7.33am at 33 weeks gestation. He weighed a tiny 4 pounds and only just fitted into 0000000 size clothes. Harri was a strong little man who fought so hard for such a young age. No matter what anyone said Harri was there to prove them wrong. Their beautiful boy struggled to breathe, feed and gain weight, requiring oxygen, steroids and nasogastric tube, along with the many other obstacles a premature baby faces. Harri was finally given the all clear at 21 days old. He was able to finally come home and be with Mummy, Daddy, Zackary, Hannah and Lachlan.


Harri had overcome many medical complications and was now able to feed all on his own, he was able to drink a whole 80mls. "We were so proud when he drank his first whole bottle, the joyful tears rolled down our faces. Once Harri came home we held him so tight after being so scared and not knowing what his fate had held previously; we didn’t want to miss a moment of what was to come for Harri".


In December Harri had a check-up with his doctor at the Hospital. Harri's doctor was very pleased with his progress; everything was great and Harri had finally hit 3 Kilos. Kerry and James were told they had nothing to worry about anymore - Harri was progressing perfectly and had finally hit the growth charts.


"We enjoyed our first Christmas, our first camping trip in Port Wakefield and we made our first new year’s wishes together. 2013 was going to be our year. We had so many plans, dreams and goals. We finally got to have our first family photo taken, it was perfect and worth the wait".


On 11 January 2013 their worst nightmares came true. James woke to find Harri cold and blue. James rang the ambulance while Kerry desperately tried to resuscitate her baby boy. The ambulance officers took over when they arrived, and Kerry and James held onto a glimmer of hope. The paramedics had to make Harri better, they just had to make Harri breathe.


After they tried for so long, they had to call it. At 8.30am Kerry and James were told there was nothing else the paramedics were able to do.


"Harri grew his angel wings and was no longer with us". With so many questions and no answers as to "why?", all Kerry and James were told was that Harri grew his wings at some point during the night. "This was not in our plan, this was not meant to happen, Harri had been given the all clear and everything was fine, he was healthy...".


"Our little man was taken away without a hint or a clue. We had no idea what he was about to do. We sat and laid on the bed with Harri for as long as we could, wishing it was just a nightmare and we could just wake up. No matter what we had done or what we wished we could do, we could not bring you back to Mummy and Daddy as much as we prayed for you".


Harrison Robert Ray Norris passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Kerry and James may never have reasons or a cause of death for Harri. They will probably never know how or why. They will never have many of their questions answered, which is such a hard fact to accept but it is very true.


Premature babies have a higher risk of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as the receptors in their brain haven't been fully developed.


Kerry and James want to help raise awareness for premature babies, to help find a cure for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and to prevent any other babies growing their wings too early, while being able to support grieving parents and children by providing understanding, compassion and hope. As a result of their heartache they decided to establish Walk With Wings in honour of their precious baby boy Harri. Kerry and James aim to offer support and hope to other parents, to show them they are not alone, because they too lost their little baby.


"Harri's story is not finished and will never have an end as we will always live on with him in our hearts and in our minds. He is just playing with all his new Angel Baby friends up above watching down on all those he loves until he can be held in our loving arms once again." 

My son can not be here with us, but we can let his story live on by supporting families who have also experienced the death of their child. With your generous donation we can gift precious keepsakes to grieving families and support those who have their Premature Baby in hospital. 

Thanks so much for your support!

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        Walk With Wings

        Walk With Wings was established to raise awareness for Premature Babies and to offer support and understanding to parents during their journey through Neonatal Intensive care Unit and Special Care Nursery.

        Kerry and James Norris formed Walk With Wings after their son Harrison tragically died suddenly in January 2013. 

        It has since become their mission to educate families of the risks associated with Preterm Labour and supporting families through their journey as Parents of a Premature Baby.

        With the support services now provided by Walk With Wings, we are able to educate expecting parents on how they can help reduce the risks of having a baby born prematurely, provide practical support to parents who have a baby born before 37 weeks gestation and gift treasured hand and feet impressions to parents who have delivered their baby to early to small and too sick to stay. 

        Walk With Wings is able to provide all of their services free of charge to families in their time of need through generous donations from people just like you and with the help of our dedicated team of Volunteers.

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